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Safety Certificate inspections for all types of vehicles in Gold Coast, Brisbane or surrounds

Are you based on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane or anywhere in between and in need of a road Safety Certificate or Roadworthy Certificate? We can help. We inspect all vehicles types and sizes either at our workshop in Miami, Gold Coast, or at your location. We offer mobile Safety Certificate inspections for your convenience no matter if you are:

  • Selling your vehicle in Queensland;
  • Out of registration and need to re-register your vehicle;
  • Moving to Queensland from interstate and need to transfer your vehicle registration;
  • Needing to renew your yearly heavy vehicle registration; or
  • Looking to register a vehicle in Queensland for the first time.

No matter your situation, we can come to you at home or at work and complete an inspection in no time. If your vehicle passes the Safety Certificate inspection, we can issue you a certificate on the spot. To book in for a vehicle inspection, call us today!

Safety Certificates for cars and other light vehicles

Safety Certificates For CarsWhile we inspect all types of vehicles for roadworthiness, only certain vehicles require a Safety Certificate. These include:

  • Cars and light vehicles weighing less than 4.5t GVM inclusive
  • Light trailers and caravans that are over .75t ATM but less than 3.5t ATM inclusive
  • Motorbikes, trikes, scooters and mopeds

If you own a truck, heavy trailer, heavy vehicle or a special vehicle not listed here, you may need to complete a HVRAS inspection or obtain a Certificate of Inspection (COI) instead or in addition to a Safety Certificate.

What happens during a Safety Certificate inspection?

For the most part, you can sit back and relax.

The inspection will take about 40-50 minutes while our qualified technician inspects the following on your vehicle:

  • Brakes (hand brake and service brake)
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Suspension
  • Rust or damage on the body
  • Steering
  • Lights and windscreen

Car Inspection BrisbaneSome roadworthy tests may also be completed to ensure your vehicle functions well and is safe to drive. If your vehicle passes the inspection, you will receive a Safety Certificate on the spot. In some cases, you may request a digital version so you can transfer or renew your vehicle online without having to go to your nearest TMR branch. Contact us to see if you are eligible for an Online Inspection Certificate (ICO).

If your vehicle does not meet the requirements, you will have 14 days to arrange for repairs and book in for a second inspection. If your vehicle fails the second inspection as well, you will need to start the process all over again.

You must have a valid Safety Certificate showing on your vehicle before you can put it up for sale in Queensland otherwise you will attract significant fines.

How long will the Safety Certificate last?

If you are selling your vehicle privately, your Safety Certificate will last you 2 months or 2,000kms (whichever comes first). If you are a car dealer, the Safety Certificate will be valid for 1,000 kms or 3 months (again, whichever comes first).

Transferring a vehicle’s registration cannot occur in Queensland without a valid Safety Certificate. If you are looking to sell your car, you won’t be able to if your certificate becomes invalid.

Safety Certificate

Selling a car or light vehicle? What are your legal responsibilities?

As a seller, you are legally responsible for providing the Safety Certificate and for completing any repairs that are required before this certificate can be issued. If the vehicle is unregistered, there is no legal requirement for you to provide potential buyers with a Safety Certificate. However, buyers have the right to ask you to ensure a Safety Certificate is issued before they decide to buy your vehicle.

For more information on your rights and responsibilities regarding safety certificates, you can check out his page on the QLD government’s site.

Book in for a Safety Certificate inspection today!

Our team consists of fully qualified technicians and diesel mechanics. We are recognised across the state for our quality standards and are accredited by both MTAQ and Queensland transport. Our level of qualification allows us to complete inspections for all types of vehicles, many of which most other mechanics in Queensland are not licensed to provide.

To arrange an inspection with our team today or to receive a quote, call us or fill out our online form. You can bring your vehicle to our Gold Coast workshop or we can come to you anywhere in Brisbane, Gold Coast or in between.

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