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Mobile Certificate of Inspection (COI) and Truck Roadworthy – Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounds

Do you own a registered truck, trailer or heavy vehicle in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or anywhere in between? Each year you will need to complete a Certificate of Inspection (COI) in order to keep your registration active.

We can save you the inconvenience of taking your trailer, truck or other vehicle to a Transport and Main Roads office by completing a roadworthy inspection or COI for you on site. To book an easy and hassle free inspection in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or anywhere in between, contact us today.

Vehicles that need a Certificate of Inspection (COI)

You will need to book in a roadworthy for a Certificate of Inspection if you have:

  • a heavy vehicle which has a gross vehicle mass over 4.5 tonnes or
  • a trailer with an aggregate trailer mass over 3.5 tonnes or
  • a light vehicle with a gross vehicle mass up to 4.5 tonnes that’s used for booked hire or special purposes
If you are looking to register or already own any of the following vehicles in Queensland, you will need to obtain a COI to ensure your registration does not expire. Vehicles needing a COI include:

  • Concrete truck
  • Fire truck
  • Water truck
  • Refrigerator truck
  • Trailers
  • Concrete mixer
  • Tipper
  • Prime mover
  • Caravan or camper trailer
  • Mobile home or motorhome
  • Buses
  • Hire cars, taxis and limousines
  • Special purpose vehicles

Mobile Truck Roadworthy & Inspection

In Queensland, heavy vehicles, like trucks and trailers, are required to have a valid COI renewed every 12 months. You’ll receive a notification from Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR) about 10-12 weeks before your current COI expires.

You could take your vehicle to a TMR service centre to complete your COI, however, not all of these centres will have qualified staff of resources to complete this inspection for large vehicles. Not to mention the headaches of parking and manoeuvring your vehicle in a built up area.

You can avoid these headaches and save time by letting our experienced team come to your location for a mobile truck roadworthy or mobile Certificate of Inspection. If you’re based in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or anywhere in between, we can also complete a HVRAS inspection for you on site if your vehicle has not been registered in Queensland before.

What happens after a mobile truck inspection?

If your truck passes, we will hand you a Certificate of Inspection on the spot. These certificates are time sensitive though.

If we inspect your truck, trailer or other heavy vehicle 1 month before your current COI expires, the new COI will not take effect until after the first one reaches its expiry date.

If we inspect your heavy vehicle more than a month before the current COI expires, then the inspection date of the new COI will become the valid certificate date.

Mobile Truck Roadworthy

Why do I need a Certificate of Inspection (COI)?

This certificate examines the basics that could affect how your vehicle operates, including:

  • Identification numbers
  • Seats, seat belts and restraints
  • Windows and windscreens
  • Vehicle body
  • Chassis
  • Electrical components (including lights)
  • Suspension, steering, tyres and wheels
  • Brakes
  • Engines, drivelines and exhaust emissions
  • Additional modifications

We will take your vehicle out for a road test and include a service brake and hand brake test to ensure smooth operations.

If your vehicle passes all of these checks and tests, and meets the Code of Practice criteria, then you will receive a COI on the spot. If your vehicle has a defect, you will have up to 14 days to have that repaired and book in for a second inspection.

When do I need a Certificate of Inspection?

The purpose of an COI is to ensure your vehicles comply with Queensland’s vehicle safety requirements and ensure your vehicle is roadworthy. Owners of COI vehicles must have a current certificate at all times, unless exempt.

If you are relocating to Queensland from another state and own any of the vehicles mentioned above, you will need to book in for roadworthy to obtain a Certificate of Inspection. If you already have a COI, you will need to ensure it does not expire and renew it appropriately.

You can visit this page on the QLD Government’s website to find out how frequently you need to renew your Certificate of Inspection.

Vehicle Inspection

Do you need a Certificate of Inspection or a truck roadworthy?

If you’re based in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or anywhere in between and need to renew your COI call us today! We also offer mobile HVRAS, mobile truck roadworthy services and general trailer or heavy truck inspections at your premises.

Make things easy by letting us come to you, call to make a booking today!

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